Овај вебсајт представља архиву старог вебсајта Универзитетске библиотеке који је био у функцији до 2013. године и од тада се не ажурира. Молимо Вас да посетите вебсајт unilib.rs на ком можете пронаћи актуелне информације и изворе. Хвала!
You are visiting an archived website of the University Library in Belgrade that was functional up until 2013 and is not being updated since. Please visit unilib.rs for current information and resources. Thank you!
Price List

Membership fees

Membership fees are charged according to the price list and valid for one year (prices are in Serbian dinars).

  • Students 1.500,00 dinars
  • University professors 2.500,00 ddinarsn
  • Doctoral students and postgraduates 2.000,00 dinars
  • Employees 2.000,00 dinars
  • Unemployed / retired 1.500,00 dinars
  • Foreign students and researchers
    • Membership for one month 800,00 dinars
  • Temporary membership 500,00 dinars (up to 3 days), 800,00 dinars (up to a month)
  • Graduates 800,00 dinars
  • Collective membership 20.000,00 dinars

Fines and warnings

Late fees for books (per day): 10.00 din

Warning fee

  • First warning 50.00 dinars
  • Second warning 100.00 dinars
  • Third warning (before Court procedure) 200.00 dinars

IT services

Reproduction(photocopying, scanning) and binding of library materials

  • one-sided copying A4 5.00 dinars
  • A4 double-sided copying 10.00 dinars
  • one-sided copying A3 10.00 dinars
  • two-sided copying A3 20.00 dinars
  • spiral binding of A4 40.00 dinars

Scanning documents

  • for up to 3 documents, price per document is 20.00 dinars
  • scan upon special request 50.00 dinars
  • cultural property of great importance 150.00 dinars per page


  • 10.00 dinars per page
  • black and white images (up to 50% of a page) 15.00 dinars
  • printing black and white (over 50% of a page) 20.00 dinars

Photographing documents

  • 50.00 dinars per photo
  • cultural property of great importance 150.00 dinars per photo

Prices of services of the Department of Scientific Information and Education

  • Bibliography of print and electronic resources (catalogs, bibliographies, etc.)
    • 100,00 dinars per unit
  • Making a review of the citations by citation indexes (search for citations)
    • from 2008. until present 800,00 dinars
    • from 1980. until present 1.600,00 dinars
    • from 1963. until present 2.400,00 dinars
    • 40,00 dinars per found citation
  • Download of articles from electronic journals by e-mail
    • 200.00 dinars per article
  • Making a review of existing literature in electronic form (delivery via email)
    • 1000,00 dinars per received request 

Interlibrary Loans

In Serbia

Fees are charged by the lending library + postage fees for printed publications are included.

From Abroad

  • The European Library (except from the UK)
  • Basic articles from the magazines 1300,00 dinars
  • Protected articles (not forwarded, but printed in the Library) 1500,00 dinars
  • If the article has more than 20 pages additional fees may be applied according to the real price
  • Books 3.500,00 dinars

British Library

  • Articles from the magazines 1.500,00 dinars, regardless of the number of pages
  • Books 3.500,00 dinars + postage fees (if British Library intermediates a loan from another library in the UK, price is extra 700 dinars)

Special requirements (Loans from non-European countries, rarities, etc.)

  • Fees are charged by the lending library + postage fees for printed publications are included.